Iconic CypherPunk MENDAX Finally Freed

Iconic CypherPunk MENDAX Finally Freed
Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante / Unsplash

Anyone who read the article on blog.damagan.org “MENDAX is Free” knows a bit of what's going on yet those who don’t now let me explain some details for you; after 1901 days in jail and the half decade of forced isolation cypherpunk and journalist Julian Paul Assange formally known by the screenname MENDAX as finally gotten out of HM Prison Belmarsh in London Category A men's prison which has been affectionately called “Britain's Guantánamo Bay”; It’s a god-damn zoo if you ask me I’ve seen documents released by the inbred fools at the United Nations and even those inbreed morons would say it’s a shame that Assange had to live like a caged animal for 23 hours a day in a 2x3 metre cell

In a statement yesterday, Seth Stern of the Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) made an interesting statement that I feel will be something people need to think about.

“The plea deal won’t have the precedential effect of a court ruling, but it will still hang over the heads of national security reporters for years to come”

I would say it would cause a chilling effect and sweet lord it depressing to know that Assange took the peel deal; at 9am local time on Wednesday (11pm GMT on Tuesday) Assange took the stand in Saipan an island in “Northern Mariana Islands” a US Commonwealth thankfully the moronic fools that ran the case knew better than to try and ship him off to some random hellhole like Guantánamo Bay or claim a mysterious heart attack took his life.

Some readers might think a “Suicide” is unlikely, but I wouldn’t put it above the government, I mean they claim Aaron Swartz one of the people who fraught for privacy alongside Assange died due to a so-called Suicide, but I won’t put it past the governments.

I tried to get a comment from a reporter I knew who flew out but at the time of publication I never heard back from them yet for some reason I lost power in this cheap flat I call a housing while I wait for a place to truly call home.

As I look out from my basement flat, I wait for the power to return to my flat, hoping the editor can understand what is going on.

As the deadline reaches near I am finally able to finish this and send it across the fibre optic cables that are under the waters nearby; I hope everyone knows we are entering a dangerous time, learn to protect your privacy and remember the WANK worm written by Assange in the 1990s

“You talk of times of peace for all... And then prepare for war”