Worldwide & California Privacy & Cookie Policy


The Nix Sanctuary website collects minimum personal information and cookies as possible, worldwide and fully compatible with GDPR and CCPA. Private user data can't be sold or transferred in any form by website owner to third-party services. We use your personal information for personalized website options like themes, notifications, premium content, early access etc.

Hosting platform

Hosting platform serves critical website data and can collect some personal information, like cookies, basic OS and browser data, user profile data.


Advertisers may collect some personal information, make sure third-party cookies are disabled in your browser. Commercial blogs and links are generally marked as "promoted" near the content footer.

Social networks

Connections to social networks are limited, mostly 'cause they are collecting too much personal info. They are being used only for promotion, we don't collect or handle user's data like profiles, likes etc.


We're using a user's name and email to promote new posts; this data will not be shared with third-party services, but some email services can collect it.

Limit your personal public information

Publish small personal info as possible, because websites or hosting platforms security breaches happens, and your data can be exposed; so "do not publish" mode is the best strategy you can do online.